Traditional Design-Bid-Build

The base of our current construction projects at Sterling Construction and what has made us successful has been through the traditional Design-Bid-Builder method. This traditional project delivery method requires the client to contract separately a design professional and a general contractor. Once the designing team has finalized the design plans, only then can the client begin his or her search for the right building contractor.

While, we believe we can offer the most value to our clients by being involved in the preliminary stages of the project, we understand this is however, not always the case. Through the traditional ddb  bidding process once we obtain the contract our team works endlessly to meet budget and timeline requirement while not scarifying quality.

Sterling Construction in an effort to build long-term relationships with our clients, has set up a close collaboration process through new technology software that updates our clients in real time about the progress of their project which creates ease of mind.

Wooden Home Framing
Home Remodeling 

The remodeling process is a lengthy one, which requires a lot of attention to detail. You can’t avoid problems along the way but you can certainly minimize the hardships involved with your home improvement project. We have compiled a series of methods to make the remodeling process easier and make crucial decisions streamlined.

We look at home remodeling projects from all aspects of the construction and its future occupancy. Remodeling is more than just taking an existing home and changing its' look. We know at Sterling that clients look for a the best design, efficiency and the flow of movement. Measurements are important and we believe in using exact measurements and not guessing.


We hire only experts to make sure each every items installed for our clients project is done properly. Our installers are all perfectionist who care about the finish product.   

Design-Build for Maximum Value

Through Sterling’s Design-Build model we tailor your envisioned project into reality under one single contract. Under the Design Build method not only does the construction timelines speed up but also lowers  project cost and owner’s risk. Combining design and build phase under one umbrella brings a better collaboration of technical and hands on experience which eliminates any surprises in the middle of the project.

As the acceptance of Design-Build has become more significant in the design and construction field, Sterling Construction has adopted new technologies to enhance communication and coordination resulting in a streamlined project which meets our clients expectation.

If your looking for a turnkey construction company which will managed, design and build your project sterling construction team has the tools and experience to produce a solid outcome.


Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Remodeling 

Most homeowners in California consider the kitchen as their gathering place for family and friends. In short and simple words, kitchens are the heartbeat of every home. This is why a perfectly designed and renovated kitchen space not only adds a unique value to your home but to the quality of life within it. For this reason, considering a Sterling kitchen remodeling makes sense. It’s the simplest way of improving all that the kitchen space has on offer inside a home.


When it comes to design and renovation of a kitchen in California, Sterling stands out unbeaten in the industry. We understand that a kitchen is the place where the heart of home resides and also a focal point of daily life. More than any room inside your home, the kitchen seems to be the place where you spend more time when at home.

If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling in California, you should choose no one other than Sterling. We have been offering innovative ways to improve your kitchen space as much as possible. We have streamlined three steps for your kitchen renovation in California to make the entire process much easier and pleasurable for you.




Sterling Construction Co. founded in 2007 has more than 30 years of experience in its team ranks from builders to construction managers. Sterling Construction diversified team has the capabilities to successfully complete projects ranging from residential remodeling, to commercial renovation, from  tenant improvements, multi housing value add, healthcare, retail centers and hospitality.  

Sterling Co.  believes that in every construction project from small to big sustainable methods of building can be applied. Our core value and success is through keeping first rated craftsmanship during the construction phase that also promotes a healthy and efficient end product for all occupants young and old.

Wether your project is a residential remodel, or a commercial renovation Sterling Construction believes that through quality control we provide excellent workmanship, we own it and our team believes it. We highlight at the beginning of a construction project a mutual understanding with Clients, Construction Managers, and Tradesmen to bring that dream to real life; making an enduring impression for generations to come.


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